Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Welcome To Greedy Options

Hi and welcome to Greedy Options.  As an option trader, I have been approached many times to answer questions about trading and investing.  Most of the inquiries are people who want to take control of their money and invest for themselves, others are already investing but want to know a more effective way to grow their portfolios and some just have questions about what exactly I do as a trader.  Out of these interactions Greedy Options was born.  With years of real trade and money management experience, I will provide daily market insight and accounts of trading pitfalls and triumphs.  Along with this blog I have also created a forum where I hope to build a community of new and experienced options traders where we as a community can answer many of those questions.   Greedy Options forum will be the place where all option traders can share strategies, brag about a big gains, get support and advice on current positions, and learn how to navigate through various trading platforms.  I am extremely excited about this endeavor as the interactions with others will surely strengthen everyone’s trading experiences.  Now let’s go make some money!

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